Slice up the fruitcake, Hi-Fi Holidays is back!

What would this blog be without Hi-Fi Holidays? It must look like I live a very boring life (… do I?) Let’s get to the Christmas music.

Hi-Fi Holidays 2016 Cover

Roll out the yuletide barrels, welcome Hi-Fi Holidays 2016

It’s that wonderful time of the year again — another Hi-Fi Holidays, another blog post. Ironically, putting together this mix is actually easier than creaking out a few minuscule words. Seriously, there are 32 tracks here, most from the dustiest grooves you’ve ever seen…. Continue Reading

Hi-Fi Holidays 2015

Ding! Dong! Ooo-ahh! Hi-Fi Holidays 2015 now available

December 7 and I’m just getting this one out of the door… I’m still recovering from Halloween, so this one took a bit more time. 2015 marks the 10th volume of Hi-Fi Holidays, and the process is still a bit of a mad dash…. Continue Reading

Hi-Fi Holidays 2014

Tingle, jingle! Hi-Fi Holidays 2014 is here!

Conspire by the fire with the ninth annual Hi-Fi Holidays! This year’s compilation is a bit more on the mellow side — less whiz-banging wonkiness and more smooth, traditional sounds (“The Christmas Waltz” by Nancy Wilson) with a bit of the Tijuana (“God Rest Ye… Continue Reading

Good Human Productions logo for Bachelor Canada S2

Proving connections trump talent, I created this logo and website for my friend Claire Freeland, who with partner Sean De Vries launched their TV co. Good Human Productions. Claire, Sean and the fine folks at GHP recently closed out the second season of The… Continue Reading